A new identity relationship

I’ve been writing on this blog about identity and relationships for a long time (some samples…). Now I’ve forged (see what I did there?) a new relationship, and have joined ForgeRock’s Office of the CTO. Check out my first post on the ForgeRock blog. I’m really psyched about this company and my new opportunities to make cool Identity Relationship Management progress there. And I’ve found a lot of fellow rock ‘n’ rollers and Scotch drinkers in residence too  […]
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New: Modern authorization systems and XACML

Over on the Forrester blogs, I take a look at XACML, advocating that it needs to refactor heavily to meet mobile/cloud authorization policy needs. UMA as a potential enterprise “access management 2.0” solution makes an appearance as well. Quoting the post: “Would an XACML.next that concentrates on ‘growing the pie’ for declarative authorization policy be valuable? Would an integration of web and post-web access management help you achieve your goals?” If you have thoughts on this, check out the post  […]
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Consensual impersonation is delegation done very wrong

I’ve got a new post up on the Forrester blogs about “consensual impersonation”, which is what happens when you give your password to someone else so they can do something from your account. As Paul Madsen points out, it’s “another manifestation of the password anti-pattern”, and it’s a use case whose legitimacy — at least some of the time — we haven’t really thought about. Head over there to see if I manage to avoid mentioning UMA. (Hint…) […]
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New post: Make A Resolution: Kill Your P@55W0rD Policies

Over on the Forrester blogs, I’ve got a post meant to inspire IT folks to think outside the box when it comes to passwords. Nix password policies? Hey, a girl can dream.

Speaking of resolutions, I have a goal to blog more often in the new year. At least it will help with brain house-cleaning. Last Wednesday was my eighth blogiversary and I didn’t even commemorate it, sigh.

Happy 2013, everyone! […]
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New post: Venn of access control for the API economy

Up on the Forrester blogs, I present a new Venn diagram that compares OAuth, OpenID Connect, and UMA. A number of people contributed to the final form of this one, which we presented in a Google Tech Talk a couple of weeks back. Thanks to all of the following folks (listed in no particular order) for their feedback!

By the way, we’ve got another UMA Twitter chat  […]
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New: strong authentication research: “bring your own token”

Over on the Forrester blogs, I talk about my just-published TechRadar™ on strong authentication, and the term we came up with for leveraging the devices, apps, and communications channels you already have for logging-in purposes: bring-your-own-token. BYOT. Like BYOD. (Geddit??)

(Note to Paul: No, not that BYOT… Your timing on that post absolutely killed me.) […]
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New: Musings on SCIM after IIW

Over on the Forrester blogs, I talk about the latest progress on Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM), as seen and discussed at IIW.

(I’ll be at Forrester Security Forum November 9-10, in lovely Miami — you going?) […]
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New: Report contemplating OAuth and “Zero Trust identity”

Is it possible for an enterprise to turn itself inside-out? Apparently so. I’ve got a new post up on the Forrester blogs that discusses the “Zero Trust” aspect of enterprise security that a number of companies are addressing with various clever uses of OAuth. […]
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New: “Participating In Markets For Portable Identities In The Cloud: What’s The Coin Of Your Realm?”

I’ve got a new post up on the Forrester blogs, discussing a “markets for portable identity” angle on my latest research report (which is full of Venn goodness!), and how SAML, OAuth, and OpenID are “hard currencies.”

You could take this theme pretty far. Does SAML-OAuth bridging have any elements of arbitrage about it? Is assurance leakage in protocol translation like the lousy currency exchange rates at those little van kiosks in airports? Maybe that’s far enough… […]
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New: “Protecting Internal APIs – Is OAuth Ready For Its Closeup?”

Check out my new post on the Forrester blog, looking to hear about your experience and opinions on the use of OAuth to secure your internal app landscape. You know you have stories. I know you have stories. So why not share them??

I hosted a session at IIW last week to start collecting data around this topic, impishly/illicitly called Two Legs Good? (since the OAuth community keeps trying to quit the “legs” habit but can’t seem to manage it).  […]
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