Holy moly, it’s a ProtectServe video library

Last week at IIW8 I convened a ProtectServe session by request, roping in my esteemed colleague Paul Bryan so that we (meaning he!) could dive into protocol details. Unfortunately, we selected area C, which stands for “copious amounts of room noise”. Dave Kearns, who attended our session, even pointed out this little issue in his Network World newsletter yesterday. We soldiered on, trying to speak in loud, clear, bell-like tones (as my high-school history teacher would say…).

A bunch of us also ran sessions to collect use cases for the general area of user-managed access, in breadth-first and depth-first fashion.

With IIW sessions taking place simultaneously in areas A through J, it’s impossible to attend everything you want to. Judi Clark generously recorded a large handful of sessions to help people time-shift, and one of them was the ProtectServe session; many thanks to =judic! You may want to open up the easier-to-read versions of the slides and protocol diagrams alongside.

If you’re curious about all this ProtectServe and relationship management stuff, but you’re coming in fresh and don’t want to start with an out-and-out geekfest, a great place to start is the video from my recent talk at the European Identity Conference.

If you’re curious about octopi and corn, on the other hand, don’t miss Asa Hardcastle’s FUN!!! session on the Wakame open-source library

4 Comments to “Holy moly, it’s a ProtectServe video library”

  1. judi clark 29 May 2009 at 7:47 am #

    A small correction: I’m =judic not =judi. Thanks!

  2. Eve 29 May 2009 at 8:19 am #

    My apologies! Your i-name is now corrected above.

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