Appendix E. Bibliography and Sources

This appendix lists selected sources of SGML-related information.

The World Wide Web is an increasingly rich source of SGML information. We highly recommend Robin Cover's SGML Web Page at, which has links to a myriad of SGML-related topics, including information on many of the DTDs, FOSIs, and other applications widely used in the government, commercial, and academic arenas, as well as an extensive SGML bibliography. Because the list of Web sites continues to grow, search on “SGML” using your favorite search engine to get the latest information.

The following organizations and forums are organized around SGML and related topics.

The following is a useful source of information on the project management methodology whose workflow notation is used in Chapter 3, DTD Project Management :

The following is a useful source of information on SGML-based systems development:

The following are useful sources of information about technical SGML topics and DTD implementation.