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Relationships are complicated

In my talk at the Burton Catalyst conference earlier this week on The Care and Feeding of Online Relationships, I presented a brief argument for specific requirements on relationship management solutions.

My appreciation of these requirements has deepened through conversations with Bob Blakley (who kindly invited me to speak in his track — Bob, you should blog more!), people involved in Project VRM and Internet2, customers, Sun colleagues, and others.

I’ve noticed that when I present on “everyday identity”, usability folk come out of the woodwork, excited that someone is talking about Don Norman’s work, human-centered design, HCI, and the like. Luckily I have a real expert like Jen McGinn to keep me honest… I think we’d all benefit from listening to usability experts more closely.

(The title of this post is taken from the lovely Flickr photo that I borrowed for the first slide. Thanks, hojusaram!)

The Wordle of the Venn of Identity

Ooh, cool — Wordle can make word clouds out of anything.

This is the Venn of Identity article, Wordled (Wordlified? Wordlimicated?). Can you find the “SPs” in this picture?… At least the “user” is well represented!

How to run a business (not)

Swamped with meetings at work? Getting sick of all the company rules, pointlessly close parsings of email messages, and PHBs? Maybe someone is executing a denial-of-service attack on the business! (The instructions are real; they start on page 28 of the linked manual.)

Federation in the diminutive

The fedlet — it has arrived! Actually, it’s hard to keep things a total surprise when you open-source it all, but Daniel Raskin has finally taken the wraps off the fedlet for real. Check out his video: He demonstrates, during the course of a single Guns ‘N’ Roses tune, just how brain-dead easy it is to create a fedlet for a SAML2 relying party and get it working correctly on the other side.

As Scott Cantor observed in the recent Project Concordia workshop, we’re getting to the point where browser-based single sign-on Just Works. Now it’s going faster, and faster, and faster… (Hey, don’t some G’n’R tunes do that?)

You kids get off my lawn!

In the category of “things that make one feel old”: If you know what it’s like to have your heart race as the Space Invader blips speed up, or remember staking your claim to a game console with a big stack of real quarters, check out this wonderful series of performance-art projects that simulate arcade video games from the golden age.

I had seen the Space Invaders project video before, but only came across the others today. Back in the day, I played Tetris so much that I could close my eyes and play whole simulated games behind my eyelids. (Actually, I had no choice — it would happen unbidden.) I had an original Tengen version on my beloved NES and can still hum the Russian-y theme songs annoyingly on command.

And when my band indulges in some 12-bar blues jamming, I’ve been known to slip in the Moon Patrol theme. Ahem. Maybe that was TMI. But if you happen to be in Seattle on March 22nd and come see us play, feel free to request it…

It’s like, how much more black could this be?

And the answer is none. None more black.

(Well, all right, if you insist, it could be 0.045 per cent more black. Pedant!)

Don Bowen…

…is asking, with his usual wit, for our prayers. Don is an inspiring fellow even when he’s not handed the ultimate in challenging circumstances, and he’s someone I’m proud to have as a friend. Let’s all send some positive vibes his way.

Why hasn’t aviation benefited more from Moore’s Law?

Jeff Jarvis answers Steve Baker’s question in fascinating fashion, imagining a commercial flight experience that’s designed to be more social not only in meatspace terms but also on a digital basis. I think we’d all benefit from his suggestions. And the notion that customers become members of an airline community is not so far-fetched: Virgin Airlines explicitly goes for this effect, and I recently participated in a focus group for United Platinum Executive members where we all expressed an oddly fierce devotion to the company.

Jarvis’s photo brings back memories of those halcyon days when my family used to rush up to the lounge to get the good hanging-out seats and the free packs of playing cards on the UA HNL-LAX run. Of course, they couldn’t compete on price back then so they had to think up other advantages. (A 20-ounce latte to the first person who can find me an online video of the old Western Airlines ad: “Coffee beans, cha cha cha…”)

Giving TrayTable a run for its money

Running From Camera managed to inspire me — to start posting at TrayTable again.

Fry some more

Thanks to Tim, I just checked out the new blog by Stephen Fry. Who knew?? Fry’s blessays (as he self-consciously calls them) are charming and relevant to readers of tech blogs. This is just wonderful — more Fry! (Or will blogging be the siren call that distracts him from writing novels?…)