General / XML · 2005-01-03

Eve’s Advisory

Speaking of having disclipline in creating content… Before the dawn of blogs, back when we were at Arbortext, Norm Walsh and I had online columns on the Arbortext website; his was Standard Deviations from Norm (heh) and mine was Eve’s Advisory (affectionately known as Ask Eve). I was supposed to write something monthly on XML for a managerial audience. The only columns I ever managed to produce are still online but have been stripped of their “personality” for understandable reasons. (I also had a more formal white paper on SGML exceptions vs. XML that they still offer.) For your amusement, I present my old column logo here:

Old Eve's Advisory logo from Arbortext
Old Eve’s Advisory logo from Arbortext

(The column links should also probably carry a “for your amusement” warning!)

UPDATE: Thanks, Tim, especially for the hair comments. :-) I’m glad I was having a relatively good hair day when they came around to take the picture for the logo…