Stitching · 2005-01-25

KnitBot lives!

One of my comrades-in-standards-work, a networking expert from way back, is also a devoted knitter. We have had many a pleasant conversation about crafts when we were supposed to be contributing to technical design work. I’ve just discovered that she blogs! She discusses her knitting projects and opinions about knitting machines over at the KnitBot blog. I have added her to my blogroll, and hope that she will add her thoughts on networking to her posting mix so that I won’t be the only weird hybrid out there.

Because of her shining example, I promise to rededicate myself to documenting my current cross-stitching projects (and to assign them the right category so that non-stitchers can studiously avoid them :-).

By the way, if my plug here has caused you to look at the “craft links” in my blogroll, note the nsfw designation on the Subversive Cross-Stitch link. Their stuff is cute but overpriced; it would be trivial to design similar projects using PCstitch. (It occurs to me that one of my favorite phrases often seen in the blogosphere, “WTF?”, would make an excellent sampler.)

UPDATE: KnitBot points me to another weird hybrid blog. Very cool! And I even found a reference there to Hofstadter’s Le Ton Beau de Marot, one of my favorites. She provides a Babelfish translation of the Marot poem made famous by the book. It’s got that “huh?” Babelfish feel, but also manages to convey the feel of a French person speaking in broken English.