General · 2005-09-01

Helping out

It’s heartbreaking seeing what Katrina has done to hundreds of thousands of people. I can only hope that the brave and optimistic sentiment expressed here is ultimately proved true.

There’s a hurricane relief blogburst going on today, and you can find many worthy charities listed (along with some links to advice on how not to be taken in by fake charities — I gather the phishing expeditions have begun).

Here’s my small part: Check out Punditeria, a new blog started for the express purpose of getting the word out about the specific needs of some local hurricane relief efforts. And don’t forget to check with your employer about the possibility of matching donations if you’re giving to one of the bigger organizations, like the American Red Cross.

From a selfish perspective, one of the sources of my heartache is the fact that I had the opportunity to visit and enjoy New Orleans a few years ago. A photo essay of that trip has been up at my site for quite some time, and I know some people have bumped into it from time to time (no hit counter — I have no idea what my traffic is!), but here’s a handy link if you’d like to stroll the streets of the French Quarter in your mind’s eye.

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