Stitching / XML · 2005-12-03


Very cool: Bob DuCharme, all-around XML smart guy and my most prolific source of weird crafting links, has started his first general-purpose blog. It’s already interesting and informative, and he says it’ll go beyond the scope of his Thinking about Linking space at O’Reilly.

Just to take the pressure off him, since he’s sure to be extra-busy now :-), here are a couple of saved-up crafting links sent to me by others:

#1: A pattern for a crocheted snowman, brought to my attention by Marc Hadley. I’ll have to check out this Roxycraft site in more detail when time allows; its slogan is “patterns that don’t suck”, and most of the crochet patterns I’ve come across truly do. (Why is it that the results of knitting usually look cool and the results of crocheting usually look dopey?)

#2: A story passed along by John Kemp about metal knitting needles and an easily frightened airline passenger. I have no idea why said passenger isn’t also afraid of sharpened pencils — or perhaps he is. Just for the record, the needles you use for cross-stitch are actually tapestry needles, and they’re pretty blunt. This means that it’s hard to break skin with them in the course of stitching, but I have no doubt that if you applied yourself to the job, they’d go right through. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Thanks, guys!