Security/identity · 2006-06-01

Celebrity deathmatch

I found the Internet Identity Workshop in May to be valuable on a lot of levels. I’m anticipating similarly smart stuff coming from the newly announced Identity Open Space event on July 20-21, in lovely Vancouver, B.C.

The location is great, the timing is great, and the cool new bit is that the Open Space is being put on jointly by the IIW folks (hi, Identity Woman!) and the Liberty Alliance, in unconference fashion. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue getting good ideas on the table and do more consensus-building.

I like the “old and new” feel of the pair of organizers; after all, for decades (oops, we’re in Internet time, I meant five years) Liberty’s vision statement has been about a networked world in which individuals and businesses interact more easily while respecting the privacy and security of identity information…

So why the gory title above? Because of the co-location of Identity Open Space with a Liberty quarterly meeting, Liberty is extending to IIW folks an opportunity to attend what is usually a members-only work session. With Paul and Conor unsheathing their virtual rapiers of wit lately, no doubt there are lots of folks who will want to see them go at it live. (I hope Kim will be there to serve as referee!) And since the patented Stuffy Airâ„¢ face mask is not approved for use in Canada, I’m sure the experience will be nothing if not stimulating.

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