General / Language / XML · 2006-07-25

Chicken and juice

The seventh annual XML Summer School is well under way, and so far it’s a blast and a half. A number of interesting locutions have already arisen…

I sat in on Debbie Lapeyre‘s talk yesterday, in the Content and Knowledge with XML track, which was great. I saw lots of nodding as people “got” the important concepts. Debbie used a phrase that was new to me: I’ve heard the < and > characters called “angle brackets” and “less-than sign and greater-than sign” (the official Unicode names), but never “chicken lips”!

Last night the speakers and delegates had a lovely dinner alongside the Cherwell River, after which we punted up the river to the Victoria Arms pub and back. The reception preceding the dinner involved a lovely libation that is usually known as a Pimm’s Cup, but the little crowd I was hanging out with dubbed it “punting juice”. Mmm, punting juice… I think it’s my new all-time favorite.

Still to do: The Trends & Transients track and my Web Services and Service Architectures track. I’m eager to try out some new material I’ve got on federated identity topics. If it works on my classroom guinea pigs, I’ll share it here.