Security/identity · 2006-10-03

StoDID podcast

Gee, when it rains it pours here at Pushing String (hmm, no joking matter as we head into fall) — nothing for two and a half weeks, and then three posts in an afternoon?

The thing is, I did an interview with Aldo CastaƱeda yesterday for his Story of Digital Identity series, and I see that he’s just posted it (feed here). He’s a great interviewer, and I had a good time speaking with him. We’re already engaging in some interesting followup conversation about the role of UIs in allowing users to effectively express their policies when it comes to their identity information, and conversely, the ways in which conventionalized UIs can cause difficulties.

In the podcast I mention an exchange between me and Paul Madsen about how to improve informed consent by users; if you’re interested you can find the whole thread by starting here. I had thought that the UI idea he pointed to was a Shibboleth-using project, and it turns out my memory was correct.