Security/identity · 2008-01-10

Interop matrix, reloaded

Lots of folks have already commented on the latest Liberty Alliance SAML2 interop testing results, and yes, Sun checked off all of the matrix columns with Federated Access Manager. (Have we flogged that news hard enough yet?) Now comes Gerry Beuchelt with the scoop on our efforts with Microsoft this week to test our CardSpace support. A matrix was involved there too, but I don’t think anyone took a picture of that whiteboard! We didn’t quite check off all the items, but we were close. (I can hear Mrudul thinking, “Whaddya mean we?”) [UPDATE: Whiteboard pic now available chez Gerry.]

As an aside, I was delighted to meet Jiandong in person for the first time at this deep-dive, after working, speaking, and emailing with him for some years. It’s all part of the longstanding tradition of Sun people meeting other Sun people at non-Sun locations…