Security/identity / XML · 2008-03-25

Plugging away, festively

Harold Carr and team have continued their track record of excellence on Project Metro (which you might remember under the informal name Tango), a web services stack with superior interop in mixed Java/.NET environments.

Harold has shared the results of the latest plugfest, which took place on the Microsoft campus last week. He observes:

Note: our shipping product, Metro 1.0 (built into GlassFish V2 UR1 and runs in other web containers—e.g., Tomcat), interoperates with .NET 3.0 based on mostly non-standard specifications. What we tested at this plugfest was our current development codebase that will interoperate with .NET 3.5 based on standard specifications.

As you’d expect, lots of painstaking work has to go into this sort of work — congrats to the team on their great progress.

By the way, there’s gold in them thar hills if you’re working with Metro; check out Harold’s mention of the cool $175,000 (USD) award you can win.