Security/identity · 2009-05-14

OpenSSO and “Geneva” Server: two great tastes…

In case you haven’t heard, Sun and Microsoft have published a paper showing ways in which our respective identity federation solutions — OpenSSO Enterprise and “Geneva” Server Beta 2 — have been tested to work together. It’s been quite a satisfying project, focusing on real-world use cases involving SAML2, and I hope we’ll get more testing opportunities in future as “Geneva” matures.

Seeing as how I’m late to the blogging party, I’ll just do a link roundup here:

A big thank-you to the Microsoft and Sun team members, who worked in close coordination to turn around the testing and the paper so quickly. Naming a few names (please forgive me if I left you out): Mike Jones and Caleb Baker from Microsoft and Sidharth Mishra and Julie Costello from Sun really pulled out all the stops. Let’s do it again sometime soon, shall we??