Security/identity · 2009-07-07

Beach reading on identity

So, what did you read on your summer vacation? If you’re still planning for yours, submitted herewith for your approval:

It’s been well over a year since I first spoke on The Design of Everyday Identity; a companion article I wrote just after that wonderful event in New Zealand has finally been published in the Online Information Review journal (unfortunately the article is for-pay). Usability has taken a front seat in many of the efforts to improve user-centric identity since then, which is great, but you may find that the paper and talk still offer useful food for thought. And by the way, this analysis strongly influenced my design criteria for ProtectServe.

After lugging this article down to the beach for some light summer reading, if you’re still looking for some entertainment, try watching a movie. Podcast Hotel-meister Alex Williams invited me to do some identity video-blogging for the venerable Tek-Tips site for IT professionals, and I’ll be joined by others there soon. Thanks for the opportunity, Alex!

Since I’m not big on watching long videos online myself, I’m trying mightily to keep these to just a minute or two. The first one responds to the question: What Identity Issues Should The Enterprise Be Aware of With Public Cloud Computing? In a nice coincidental tie-in, my colleague Rajeev Angal recently posted some great info on how to integrate SAML2-based single sign-on with Salesforce CRM using OpenSSO.

What did I read on my summer vacation? I cannot tell a lie. But y’know, it was a lot better than you’d think…