Security/identity · 2009-07-16

Two OpenSSO summer blockbusters

A few days ago I suggested taking in a summer movie. If you’re a fan of OpenSSO, now you’ve got your choice of flicks, playing at a theater very near you.

Yesterday Daniel Raskin took the wraps off a video for the new Fedlet for .NET in OpenSSO Enterprise. You might recall that this version of the Fedlet made an appearance in this joint paper from Sun and Microsoft on federated identity interop.

And today he’s got a new vid showing an OpenSSO technology preview: its new OAuth Token Service. Pat Patterson gets a nice cameo in this one.

The team has done some very cool work on this tech preview, remaining truly webby, RESTful, and resource-oriented while tackling real entitlement management issues faced by enterprises. (As I’ve been saying — snarking? — recently, the smart way to bet is more consumerization of IT, ’cause we sure won’t see further ITization of consumers!)

To download and try this stuff out yourself, just click your mouse three times and say “There’s no place like Sun… There’s no place like Sun… There’s no place like Sun…”