You are cordially required

…to check out the new Gluecon conference to be held in Colorado in late May. Early-bird registration closes this Friday — use code spkr12 for an extra 10% off.

It’s all about “the new technologies that are forming around web applications in a post-cloud world”. Since I’m on record as predicting we’re going to see more consumerization of IT rather than more ITization of consumers (cracking myself up here), this theme definitely appeals. I will be there to discuss practical management of personal data-sharing, and I’ll hope to see you there too.

(I had a wonderful junior-high-school teacher who assigned our class homework to read Romeo and Juliet — and to see Zeffirelli’s film version as well. Best Assignment Ever. She handed out fancy invitations stating that we were “cordially required” to attend a showing, and the phrase stuck…)