New: “OpenID, Successful Failures And New Federated Identity Options”

Though there’s still a creepy fuzzy anonymous head where my picture is supposed to be, I’ve got my first post up on the Forrester Research Security & Risk blog. It discusses the recent 37signals decision to stop using OpenID and the larger “button-based login” environment in which OpenID can be considered a positive influence. As a bonus, it provides a new Venn diagram comparing features of OpenID + attribute exchange, the SAML web browser SSO profile, and OAuth + “connect”-style login.

Later: Neat, it’s been cross-posted to the CSO Online blog as well.

One Comment to “New: “OpenID, Successful Failures And New Federated Identity Options””

  1. Saqib Ali 3 February 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    On 37signal’s decision to drop OpenID: Good company, bad move.

    On lack of bulletproof OpenID libraries: I have to say that so far I have been very impressed by the Federated Identity implementation in the Google App Engine. It makes it super easy for the developers to write apps using OpenID. I hope Google moves it out of the Experimental phase to full production soon.

    Bad UI/UX of OpenID OR NO one remembers their OpenID URL: Like I have said in the past, ALL OpenID providers should utilize unbound discoverable URLs.

    unbound discoverable URLs provide the UI/UX that will enable wider adoption of OpenID. Nobody remembers their OpenID URL, nor should we expect them to.

    So far only following OpenID providers utilize Unbound Discoverable URLs:
    yahoo japan

    Kudos to them, but this list need to grow.