I love to sing rock ‘n’ roll, and I “practice keyboards without a license”. Since 1980 I have played and performed with a variety of bands, both ongoing and pickup, both paid and will-play-for-beer. (That’s not counting the activity in children’s choirs going back to the early 70’s!) As I’m able, I’ll add information here about current and former musical activities. My blog entries about music can all be found here.


My current band is Mud Junket (formerly known as Mudcat) — check out our website and Facebook page. We play what I usually call bluesy, funky, rootsy rock ‘n’ roll, covering a fair number of “deep tracks” so that we don’t just ply the same waters as pop radio. I’ve mentioned a few examples in blog posts. The band was formed through craigslist.

OMG Eve is NSFW!

You can find some band photos in this Flickr collection. ChairmanEli has also taken a bunch of pix.

Here’s the “Bohemian Rhaps-ID” (or Bohemian Identity, take your pick) parody I performed with the ID Gang Choir. Lyrics appear in the video as subtitles (thanks, Conor!) and also here. Here’s the background on how we came to be doing this in the first place.

My old bandmate Harry Koizumi, a real sweetheart and a true slack-key guitar master, has a website where you can check out his tunes and his performances, and also a great YouTube channel for learning guitar and ukulele. Chance ’em!