Photo essays

I put together a few old-fashioned photo essays in the olden days mostly BB — Before Blogs (and certainly in the days before I blogged). Here they are, for your amusement:

The kitchen project: In the summer of 2000, my husband and I undertook our first really major renovation project. I documented the progress and kept a website to let people know how it was going. I never really finished the whole story, but got most of the transformation committed to pixels. (By contrast, our 2007 kitchen project is documented here in more modern fashion.)

The New Orleans vacation: In the winter of 2001, we visited New Orleans on a fairly extended vacation. In the days following Hurricane Katrina, I found myself going back to this page frequently.

XML Artwork 2004: Bob DuCharme kindly agreed to host this compendium of XML Conference artwork exhibits.

I hope you’ll also visit my Flickr page and check out the various collections/sets/random other buckets there.