Stitching · 2005-04-29

No surprise here

Chuck Mortimore dropped me a line to draw my attention to this startling announcement (found through this post): knitting is really, really, really popular on Bloglines.

Crocheting feels pretty trivial, but somehow knitting has eluded me. Having seen two colleagues knit at a good clip (hey, I started a trend!) during last week’s Liberty Alliance meeting in Dublin, where beautiful sweaters can be seen all over the place, I’m feeling the urge once again to try learning the ways of the knitter. Now I’ve been invited to an honest-to-goodness knitting circle at work (they call the group Stitch ‘n’ Bitch :-) and I’m determined to get a lesson. I will dutifully report on my progress, or lack thereof.

Now back to feeling guilty that I haven’t designed my XML 2005 cross-stitch project yet…