Security/identity · 2007-01-22

Making good on my ID-WSF promise

You can find my new ID-WSF Basics presentation from the Liberty 2.0 workshop here (PDF). This workshop had the highest concentration of really solid Liberty Web Services information that I’ve ever seen (though I’ll let others judge my contribution to it), with real-life deployment info, tons of business motivation, a good dose of protocol flow explanations, and even a walkthrough of how to code a “web services consumer of identity data”. We even got an explanation of Project Higgins in the mix. Go here for the whole set of presos from Roger Sullivan, Fulup Ar Foll, Paul Madsen, Conor Cahill, John Kemp, Mary Ruddy, and myself.

[UPDATED to add links to the speakers. I was too tired when posting last night to do this, so my apologies.]