General / Stitching / XML · 2005-10-07

Geekiest needlepoint yet

Bob comes through again, with a picture of an astonishing cross-stitch project called dos-stitch. The crafter is explicitly re-inventing traditional stitched samplers for the computer era.

This piece is very much in the spirit of artwork that we’ve seen in past XML conferences and that I hope to see at the XML 2005 artwork exhibit. Are you working on your entry yet? The deadline to fill out the submission form is October 28, so there’s not much time! Drop me a line or leave a comment if you want to bat ideas around.

I’m a bit behind on my XML 2005 project, but I’ve got a bunch of really loooooong flights coming up this month, so I hope to make good progress then. No pictures yet, but I will admit that it involves a haiku about XML parsing, so I guess it’s a kind of sampler too, as well as being painfully geeky.