Security/identity / XML · 2005-12-20

Usability of web security

It’s like the weather: Everyone talks about helping and educating users when it comes to effective online security, but no one’s doing anything about it. Well, now W3C is hosting a workshop to figure out what to do. Excellent!

I think this topic is a sweet spot for W3C, given their longstanding commitment to usability and their history of XML security spec development. I also like their workshop format, since it requires each participant to have submitted a position paper (and you don’t even have to be a W3C member). Danny Weitzner asked me to be on the program committee, and I was happy to join up.

Check out the Call for Participation — the paper submission deadline is January 25, so all the really committed geeks (and you know who you are…) can be thinking about potential topics over the holidays.