Language / Security/identity · 2008-10-01

Conference goings-on

A roundup of some upcoming meetings and conferences on which I’ve got my eye, and/or on whose program committee I serve, and/or at which I will appear. (This preposition-first business is nonsense up with which I have just put…)

  • 4th ACM Workshop on Digital Identity Management: This workshop will be held October 31 (pack your Halloween costume…) in Fairfax, VA. Early-bird registration ends October 10. You can register for just the workshop if you can’t attend the ACM CCS2008 conference with which it’s colocated. The program this year looks really interesting; the theme is “services and identity”.

  • Identity Forum 2008: I’m a late addition to the program of this conference, speaking on Project Concordia on October 7 in Rotterdam. Should be a great trip. If you’re planning to be there, I hope you’ll say hi.

  • Project VRM Standards Committee: This group is holding its first proper face-to-face meeting and coding camp on October 15-16 in Cambridge, MA. (I can’t attend but will be calling in.) RSVP to Joe Andrieu. (I have in the past described this group’s telecon series as “like crack” — if you’re addicted to rapid-fire idea generation and lots of “ooh, now I grok it” moments.)

  • Net-ID 2009: This conference on identity, trust, privacy, and security is being held February 16-17 in Berlin, and the Call for Papers is now open.