General / Security/identity · 2006-05-02

Discovering Mark Dixon

Last week I found myself at a customer site, meeting Mark Dixon for the first time. (This continues the long tradition of Sun people meeting other Sun people at non-Sun locations — we’re a highly distributed crew.) I was delighted about the prospect, since I’d been following him through Planet Identity for a long time. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable about identity issues and our products, and charming to boot. I loved hearing about the many exploits of his many talented children — he mentioned that one of his sons had just become class president and I immediately thought of his great picture of a different son…on a Mongolian camel.

In this post Mark kindly calls me “Ms. Interoperability” — nice pun! I first scanned it as “MS Interoperability”, which makes sense too.

Pleased to meet you too, Mr. Dixon!