Security/identity · 2006-09-13

Identity award season!

Though I wasn’t able to attend the IOS or DIDW this week, it’s been fun to read about all the goings-on from afar.

Robin has the inside scoop on the inaugural IDDY awards given out by the Liberty Alliance this week. This wasn’t just a navel-gazing exercise; all the nominations had to show they were the real thing, and the judges included some non-Liberty-member luminaries. The three winning “identity deployments of the year” are quite different from each other. Robin discusses how one of the winners, a deployment by the UK Cabinet Office, offers more proof of benefits arising from the productive relationship that Sun and Microsoft have continued to build together.

And Identity Woman won an award from DIDW itself for being, well, herself — a tireless community driver. Congratulations to Kaliya!

I’m sure all the various award recipients were decked out in their finest Christian Dior and Hugo Boss outfits, along with ostentatious borrowed jewelry and cool sunglasses. :-)