Music / Security/identity · 2007-05-05

Can you CAPTCHA that?

The first Internet Identity Workshop in 2007 is coming to Mountain View in a couple of weeks, and just like last time, there will be an “un-talent” show on the Tuesday night. Kaliya has asked me to emcee, so let me take this opportunity to issue a Call for Parody Lyrics! Drop me a line or blog your ideas — or surprise us by simply showing up and performing… In that case, bringing song sheets with you is a good idea if you’d like others to fully appreciate your genius.

Dave Kearns wrote this week about a great Rainbow Connection parody by Wook Lee, setting the tone nicely for IIW hijinks. If anyone would like to perform this work at the un-talent show, you’ll find a very receptive audience (and probably a lot of recording devices).