Security/identity · 2007-02-21

Mon service public

I couldn’t resist adding another flag to the lineup discussed below, particularly after Paul found a video with cute French Muppets in it (along with that damn song):

Flag of Denmark Flag of Finland Flag of France Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United States

Mon Service Public is an initiative of the Direction Générale pour la Modernisation de l’Etat, or DGME [UPDATED: its old name was Agence pour le Développement de l’Administration Electronique, or ADAE], in France. (They’re basically the e-gov folks there — oops, make that e-gouv…) They have a great document (in English) that explains their goals, and Liberty has also published case study slides. ADAE dictates the national standards for electronic administration, for which they’ve selected SAML2 and ID-WSF. By now a familiar refrain!