Music / Security/identity · 2007-06-19

Sun OpenID roundup

If you want to learn about how our Sun Identity Provider for OpenID is set up, check out Hubert Le Van Gong‘s latest posts here and here. And if you’d like to hear a discussion among Don Bowen, Brandon Whichard, and myself about some of the lessons learned so far from our OpenID program, you can hear the latest Identity Management Buzz podcast here. Skype bandwidth issues contributed to some funky audio quality, sigh, but the podcast was really fun to do.

We got to talking about CD purchases and why you’d want to buy a CD nowadays, and the one I recommended was Eva Cassidy’s Eva by Heart; don’t miss it, or her Live at Blues Alley either, if you’re into female vocals that range from blues to jazz to folk to pop. She was truly amazing.