General · 2007-04-27


I spent a heady couple of days this week at the Technology@Sun conference. The physical setting was beautiful and, unusually for this sort of event, the attendees got to enjoy the out-of-doors a little bit as we strolled between our rooms and the main building. But even better was the chance to hear from, and interact with, some very smart and accomplished people (hi Ken!). We filled four rooms with technical posters, and the organizers built in plenty of hallway and poster-discussion time. (I know I wasn’t the only one thinking that a little unconferencing next time wouldn’t go amiss.)

Josh Simons, who helped run the event, has more. But he’s missing the crucial piece — a picture of Mike Splain wearing his official Chief Engineer’s hat. Oh yeah…

Mike Splain, Chief Engineer
Mike Splain, Chief Engineer (with Niagara 2 hat pins)