Security/identity · 2007-06-19

Shouldn’t that be “Concordia Con-schmordia”?

(Hmm, and why does the syllable “Con” keep coming into it? Must remember to ask Conor.) Actually, I cannot tell a lie; it’s Hubert who came up with the name Concordia, as he was riffing on Place de la Concorde when he and I were talking about project-naming. I suppose I can take credit for actually slogging all the way over to Google and typing in c-o-n… to find the marital harmony connection.

If you’re going to Burton Catalyst, you really should get to the Concordia workshop, which will be held next Tuesday. Conor describes the genesis of this project and the smart people who will be there to discuss real-world multi-protocol interop problems and what solutions they’d like to see. There really is no substitute for collecting hard data on this stuff. The event is free but you gotta register.

I, um, have to miss this must-attend event, because I’ve got a long-scheduled vacation next week. But David R. and I have been tweaking the Project Concordia wiki a bit recently, and I’ve also been trying out a matrix-y way to organize the use cases that seems to be helpful. It would be great to get feedback and more use case detail from all and sundry. If you haven’t yet joined the Concordia mailing list, you can find out how here. And remember, if you want, you can use an OpenID to log in to the wiki and add your two cents.