General · 2007-07-12

Oh, for a time-turner

I actually own one, along with a wand that looks very much like Hermione’s, but sadly I remain a frustrated wizarding-wannabe Muggle — they don’t work. Conor knows exactly how to get my goat — seeing Order of the Phoenix three hours before I did! I saw it at a theater that offered three showings, and my companions and I (three fans and a relative newbie) were able to get excellent seats for the earliest one, having shown up an hour early. A working time-turner would have been especially handy for letting me both see the movie and sleep — at this point in my life, I have to carefully plan any outing that runs till 3am. Sigh.

I’ve already re-read the series in preparation for the arrival of Deathly Hallows, and reading book 5 again definitely added to my enjoyment of the movie. I thought they did an excellent job of hitting most of the scenes and dialog and images I was hoping to see, and our newbie movie companion seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of us did. This Slate review is mostly in line with my thinking (and gets extra points for using the word antepenultimate correctly). Most delightful rendition: the Franklin Mint plates in Umbridge’s office, along with her general sadism. Most disappointing: the Weasley brothers’ exit from Hogwarts.

Now I have to execute on my plan to read Hallows as soon as possible after its release, both to avoid spoilers and to relieve my own suspense (heightened by having read this). Since it will be available only the day after I leave for Oxford, and I want to own a copy of the American edition, I’ve found someone living in the U.S. who wants to own a copy of the English edition — we’re going to each buy a copy, read it, and swap on my return. Now that’s optimization…