General · 2007-07-20

Mischief managed (almost)


So, what happened was, the flight I was supposed to be on right this very minute got canceled. That royally messed up my Deathly Hallows plans. But I rallied. Oh no, not gonna get on a plane surrounded by other readers all too eager to share spoilers without my own book in tow.

It turns out I’m not leaving for Oxford until mid-afternoon tomorrow. So my evening consisted of:

  1. Pre-ordering HP7 at the extremely local bookstore.
  2. Seeing HP5 a second time at the theater right next door.
  3. Checking out the bookstore’s HP7 party, which kicked off just as the movie ended.

I’m not gonna last till midnight, so a big part of tomorrow morning will be:

  1. Picking up my book.
  2. Becoming unable to concentrate on anything else (except getting to the airport).

More photos from the party here.