Security/identity · 2010-09-30

PayPal X Innovate is around the corner

It’s nearly time for the second annual PayPal X Innovate conference — October 26 and 27 at Moscone Center in SF. The PayPal X developer network has not only the coolest domain known to humankind, but it also hosts the Innovate conference, which is all about making the future of money happen.

Praveen Alavilli has slipped me a great discount code for y’all to use: “LETSINNOVATE” will get you $100 off the registration fee.

Ashish Jain and I will be there talking about identity services progress and plans, and also listening intently: we’d love to talk with online retailers and e-commerce developers about how you see digital identity playing a role in your apps and your payment needs.

Folks from Janrain will also be there, discussing social sign-on trends in retail. They’ve posted an excellent roundup of everything you can hear and experience at Innovate, and they also share some news about the OpenID Foundation’s new Retail Advisory Committee.

See you there!