Stitching · 2007-08-01

From UFO to FO in a week

That’s “unfinished object” and “finished object”; I’ve been learning all that street talk by cruising the knitting pr0n sites. I’ve finished implementing a proof-of-concept that demonstrates I can turn cotton yarn into a useful tea-towelish piece of fabric using two pointy sticks. See?

Basketweave in perspective

Lauren not only caught me in the act of working on it at the Kings Arms near Wadham College, she’s the one who designed the cool basketweave pattern for me and helped me debug it along the way. She is a true expert and knits things like, oh, whole sweaters that actually fit and look attractive, sporting this item while in Oxford.

I had no idea knitting would be so mesmerizing and absorbing, even more so than crochet. Now I really have to figure out a second doable project so I can get my fix — bookmark? hanger cover? motorcycle?