Security/identity · 2007-09-11

Concordia workshop: come one, come all

Finally a Project Concordia workshop I can actually attend (and help to lead)! We’re holding a workshop on the Wednesday afternoon (September 26) of Digital ID World in San Francisco.

I’ve just added a more detailed agenda to the Concordia wiki. Internet News recently did an article about the workshop, focusing on this great opportunity for technology builders to hear from deployers. This time we’ll get formal presentations from Chevron, the InCommon Federation, and the New Zealand Government on their multi-protocol pain points around identity (as well as hearing from other deployers who attend), and we’ll also refine and prioritize further the use cases for multi-protocol single sign-on that we documented at our August teleconference.

The workshop is free to attend, but do please add your name to the participation list so we can set up the room appropriately. If you have any questions, or suggestions about how to make the event more useful, feel free to drop me a line.