Security/identity · 2007-10-25

Barcelona calling cards

While some Sun colleagues headed to Tokyo for the Liberty Alliance meeting, others of us went in the opposite direction — to Barcelona for the Burton Catalyst conference. I spent all day Monday in the OASIS IDTrust workshop, which was quite interesting; this is the Member Section of OASIS that was formerly the PKI Forum. I spoke on some of the problems of heterogeneity in today’s federated identity world and how Project Concordia is taking a run at them, and at the end also participated in a panel with June Leung, Tony Nadalin, and Andre Durand. (OASIS will be posting all the workshop slides soon, and I’ll point to them when they’re available.)

The conference went into full swing on Tuesday, and has been chock-full of good content. (And, of course, good food. Barcelona can be low-carb heaven, with all kinds of savory meats and succulent seafood on offer. Unfortunately for me, there’s also a lot of good chocolate, usually buried inside high-carb-hellish items.)

The first night of hospitality suite action was really hopping. This is where the second OSIS interop session was conducted, and Sun participated this time, testing out a managed card provider/IdP that was built as an extension to OpenSSO. Gerry Beuchelt did a lot of work behind the scenes, and Mrudul Uchil, a senior engineer on the Federated Access Manager team, brought it all together on-site. What an awesome team! Daniel Raskin, Sun’s product line manager for federation and access management, was also on hand. You can see the results of the IdP test case here [UPDATE 1 Nov 2007 12:33pm: Mrudul has updated that matrix with the latest info], and here are some pictures (click to enlarge).

Get Card
Get Card

Heres what you posted
Here’s What You Posted

Mrudul and Daniel
Daniel Raskin and Mrudul Uchil

Pointing at debugging
Daniel pointing sincerely (not in photo-op fashion!) at something on the screen

I’m still mulling over everything I’ve been learning at this event and will post additional semi-ordered thoughts soon.