General · 2007-10-16

Kitchen 2.0

Early vintner returning from the kill
Early vintner returning from the kill

We’re waiting for a hot fix or two, but our long-planned kitchen remodeling project has shipped. And no engineers needed to be shot — though we were getting pretty testy towards the end there, what with half the apartment inaccessible due to plastic swaddling.

Celebration corks
Celebration corks

I went way overboard with the photos (Eli doesn’t call me Hermione for nothing), but if you’re a glutton for detail, I recommend the following viewing experiences. (Or go to the whole Flickr collection for time series from every angle…)

September 4: old kitchen ready for destruction
Series #1 (slideshow)

Sep 4: plain Jane, in two counter heights
Series #7a (slideshow)

Oct 6: all done!
Series #7b — the backwards series (slideshow)

Kitchen project self-medication
Kitchen moments (slideshow)

Big thanks to Nick Meyer of New Face for the awesome job!

Sep 11: installer/god Nick Meyer putting cabinets in