Security/identity · 2008-03-03

Another delicious identity scone or two

I knew I’d get in trouble with my post on freshly baked identity events, by listing only five instead of a dozen! — so here are a few more baked goods to whet your appetite.

There’s the upcoming workshop where you can learn all about various Liberty Alliance identity standards on March 10 (that’s next Monday!) in Santa Clara, CA. There will be lots to chew on for both executives and technical architects, including descriptions of new open-source work, BOFs on hot topics (“currant affairs”, hee hee), and a discussion of Liberty’s work on aligning Levels of Assurance.

And of course there’s the RSA conference on April 7-11 in San Francisco, in which I have a particular interest because we’re holding a Project Concordia workshop/interop event on the Monday morning. If you’re going to the conference, I hope you’ll register for the (free) workshop as well. We’ll continue to gather deployers’ real-world concerns about multi-protocol interop as we’ve done at past events, and we’ll also demo some new interop scenarios that bring SAML2, WS-Federation, and InfoCard authentication a little closer together.

Finally, it’s not an event, but since it requires no traveling commitment you can consider it one of those cookie pieces that’s free because it has experienced caloric leakage: With my colleague Marina Sum I’ve put together a short article on the Sun Developer Network about federated identity and single sign-on from the deployer’s perspective. It’s a gentle introduction for web app owners on the prospect of “outsourcing” identity management tasks. If you’re new to single sign-on, check it out.