Security/identity · 2008-03-19

New resource on identity-based services

I’ve been really really busy, with tons of ideas for things to write about but precious little time to string together the minutes or the sentences. But I have to point you to this new paper that just came out, providing a technical overview of the Liberty Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF).

This makes a nice companion to the recent announcement about the open-source OpenLiberty-J work. The heart of the paper is sort of an index into the features and benefits of the V2.0 framework, taking various technical high-level requirements in turn:

Web Service Identity Model

A model is required for carrying the identity of the various parties associated with a transaction within the messages generated to invoke a web service. The parties potentially needing to be identified include:

  • Sender – The party sending the message.

and providing a guide to how ID-WSF meets the need and where you can find more info:

ID-WSF V2.0 defines the following components in support:

  • A profile of WS-Security and SAML to carry the Sender, Recipient, and Invoking identities, as defined in the Security Mechanisms specification, the Security Mechanisms SAML Profile, and the Discovery Service specification (Section

I’m off to the airport shortly or I’d make those spec mentions into real links. Guess you’ll have to check out the paper itself to get those!