General / Music / Security/identity / XML · 2008-07-31

A (g)newbie at Gnomedex

Somehow I’d been missing out on the phenomenon of the Gnomedex tech-enthusiast conference, even though its location in recent years coincides perfectly with my new(ish) Northwest residency. (Hey, I haven’t gone to Bumbershoot yet either — bad, bad Eve!)

This year I’ve got a great chance to fix the situation. I met Chris Pirillo and his lovely wife Ponzi through Eli, and after a couple of fun evenings where I blabbed excitedly about Vendor Relationship Management and he blabbed excitedly about a project that was soon to become his WicketPixie social-media WordPress theme (it would be interesting to “VRM-enable” this theme, yes??), they were kind enough to invite me to speak this year. I’m looking forward to introducing VRM concepts to this audience and getting some discussion going on how to improve the customer-vendor nexus.

If you can be in Seattle August 21-23, I hope you’ll register and join the fun.