Language / Security/identity · 2009-02-27

Where in the world, with bonus silliness

A roundup of places been and places to be. Some silliness embedded; bonus silliness at the end.

I’ve spent most of this past week in Liberty Alliance plenary meetings, which as usual have been chock-full of great work being done by great people. I got to spend some quality time with Lucy Lynch and Trent Adams of the Internet Society, which recently joined Liberty as a new board member. ISOC has brought a ton of experience and wise counsel to the table.

A new series of OpenSSO Community Days is springing up all over. I can’t make the one in New York on March 17, but I hope you can. And I will be able to make the one in Munich on May 5. See you there?

That community day in Munich is in association with the Kuppinger-Cole European Identity Conference, at which I’m delighted to be speaking this time around. It’s a highly regarded event, and one I’ve haven’t been able to attend in the past. Come on down for both events and save 20% on registration!

If you’re going to Gartner IAM in London (wish I could), don’t miss the after-hours bowling party Sun is hosting on March 23. Daniel Raskin, Grand Poobah of Identity Festivities, has the scoop.

A bunch of folks involved in Concordia and many, many other like-minded identity communities are putting together a pre-conference workshop at the RSA Conference on April 20. More about this event anon — the agenda is shaping up to be awesome.

Finally, looking way out to August, I’ve already registered for Gnomedex 9.0, the most happenin’ technology conference in the Pacific Northwest or indeed anywhere. Have you?

And now, your moment of zensilliness. In fat-fingering “WS-Trust” last week, I may have accidentally invented a new protocol. What would WS-Tryst accomplish? What (as Ian Glazer wondered) would the interop look like? And would it involve WS-MeatdataExchange?…