Security/identity · 2009-04-20

Building identity bridges with the Kantara Initiative

Kantara InitiativeDo you “do identity” in any way, shape, or form? If so, you need to know about the Kantara Initiative, launched today at the RSA Conference identity workshop.

If you follow these things closely, you might have heard about a “NewOrg” getting started to bring lots of identity interoperability workstreams together, or an “IDtbd” group for identity harmonization with a name to be determined. Well, it’s determined now — and by the way, kantara, appropriately, means bridge.

In this video I outline my reasons for supporting Kantara:

If you support Kantara’s mission:

Foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development of open identity specifications, operational frameworks, education programs, deployment and usage best practices for privacy-respecting, secure access to online services

…consider joining as a Member to help make it happen. If you’ve got hard-won knowledge about gaps in the identity picture, or clever ideas about solving problems, consider diving in to one or more of its groups as a Participant — it doesn’t cost a penny.

At the least, make sure to follow @KantaraNews on Twitter. This initiative will be buzzing with lots of activity very soon, and you won’t want to miss any of the goings-on.