ProtectServe / Security/identity / XML · 2009-08-16

Making change

So last week I made a big transition, joining Andrew Nash‘s identity services team at PayPal. (And I kind of told Twitter about it before I told y’all. Sorry about that; it’s the nature of the communications beast.) Working with Andrew, Ashish, and other great folks at PayPal is going to be a blast. And it’s an especially interesting time to shift from a technology-stack-providing world to a consumer-facing one.

Being with Sun Microsystems for ten years was an honor and a pleasure; I got to work closely with some of the most talented and interesting folks in the business. And during that time my experiences helped me layer new personae onto “old SGMLer”: “XMLgrrl”, “the SAML lady”, and even, ahem, “the queen of Venn”.

You’ll still find me involved in some familiar activities — for example, I remain involved in ProtectServe and User-Managed Access efforts, and I hope to keep up my fledgling Tek-Tips video-blogging series on identity and the cloud (#1 on the relevance of federated identity to cloud computing, #2 on the challenges of passwords for authenticating to cloud services).

Thanks for continuing to witness my pushing of string over here. I plan to continue blogging my thoughts on matters of identity, security, privacy, and trust (and occasionally nutrition, music, and knitting…), and look forward to your feedback. You can find fresh contact and bio information on my welcome page; drop me a note anytime.