Security/identity · 2010-09-26

Personal RFP Model and Information Sharing Report

The Kantara Information Sharing group, led by the intrepid Joe Andrieu and Iain Henderson, has been doing a ton of work to make the business justifications for Vendor Relationship Management scenarios concrete and and the use cases actionable.

The group has two documents out for review, and seeks your input. (I’m really tardy blogging this; comments are due tomorrow, but I’m sure they’d be welcome even coming in a little late…) See Joe’s writeup for document links and descriptions.

Here’s a taste of the pRFP document:

Sally uses a Personal Request for Proposal (pRFP) to solicit offers for, negotiate, and purchase a new car through the MyPal pRFP Broker. She has previously researched her options and made up her mind about the kind of car she wants to buy. She has also secured financing and credentials asserting that fact. Sally’s information is maintained in a personal data store which provides it on demand for use by service providers and vendors. On the Vendor side, Frank at Chryota of London responds to Sally’s Personal RFP (pRFP), using a hands‐on approach that integrates CoL’s CRM system, MyPal, and Chryota Manufacturing’s CRM program HEARING AID, which is managed by Jimmy.

The Info Sharing Report is interesting too, but in a totally different way; it’s chock full of interesting statistics and trends around the cost of acquiring customers and the privacy pitfalls of the current ecosystem.

Check ’em out, and send in your thoughts.