General · 2006-04-11

Power lunch with Fluffy

Been meaning to share this little tidbit for a long time. I had this cartoon on my office wall at Digital for many years in the 80’s; I think it came from the New Yorker but can’t recall, and there’s no sign of it online that I can find. (Click for a larger version.)

It was brought to mind recently when my bandmate diagnosed me as — accused me of being? — a high-functioning obsessive. It has gotten to the point where we joke about it on stage, and I found myself saying into the microphone, “An organized kitty is a productive kitty!” Now at least some people will have a referent for this odd saying.

Kitty's Datebook
Kitty’s Datebook

I admit to being tickled that this particular week in April 2006 seems to correspond to the fictional week being displayed here. Is that part of my malady?