XML · 18 May 2006

FIFI the efficiency expert

My colleague Gerald Beuchelt has posted JavaOne slides on his brainchild, Project FIFI (Fast Infoset For Indigo). He’s been documenting his work on this project for a while at his blog, Web Services Contraptions, and he’s been working closely with his BOF co-presenters Paul Sandoz and Santiago Pericas-Geertsen — mavens on the Fast Infoset standard and its implementations — for some time now.

The promise held out by FIFI is that your web service operations can be interoperable across platforms and high-performance. (I admit I say “performant” in casual conversation…) If you’re interested a world where you don’t have to pick two from good, fast, and cheap, make sure to get in touch with Gerry to find out more.