XML · 2006-05-18

FIFI the efficiency expert

My colleague Gerald Beuchelt has posted JavaOne slides on his brainchild, Project FIFI (Fast Infoset For Indigo). He’s been documenting his work on this project for a while at his blog, Web Services Contraptions, and he’s been working closely with his BOF co-presenters Paul Sandoz and Santiago Pericas-Geertsen — mavens on the Fast Infoset standard and its implementations — for some time now.

The promise held out by FIFI is that your web service operations can be interoperable across platforms and high-performance. (I admit I say “performant” in casual conversation…) If you’re interested a world where you don’t have to pick two from good, fast, and cheap, make sure to get in touch with Gerry to find out more.