General · 2006-05-19

Shave everywhere

I don’t have a cat, more’s the pity, so instead of Friday cat-blogging I’ll have to stick to Friday time-wasters.

My friend works for Philips, and recently he mentioned its new site Shave Everywhere. We quizzed him: Like shaving in Kansas, shaving in Paris, and shaving in Tokyo? Oh, no, indeed not… It must be seen to be believed. (Safe for work by virtue of strategic beeping and pixellation. :-) )

Taken a peek? Okay. A little more seriously…

Obviously it’s a clever post-modern shot at viral marketing, and I think it’s funny as hell. There seems to be a minor stir among advertising types about the site, like this commentary: “Does it Have to be Dirty to Be Funny?” Me, I think they’re unclear on the concept if they don’t see how clever this is. (I’ve already heard one guy say, after a mere glance at the site, “Fascinating — I might be in the market for that.”) In the puritanical American market, on a topic that is sure to provoke embarrassment but apparently has a large untapped market, it walks just the right line.

In fact, it’s reminiscent of the Enzyte commercials, which have to be cleaner ’cause they’re on basic cable but are nonetheless deliciously suggestive. (Did you know that Enzyte contains something called “horny goat weed”? I only know because I like the commercials so much, I felt compelled to examine the box at the drugstore!)

Besides, if this is 21st-century marketing, it’s a retro form anyway (literally in this case; both Philips and Enzyte go for an old-fashioned 50’s/60’s feel). According to this analysis, the proper neo-marketing message is: Develop and sponsor a socially oriented online community and/or local user groups where people might get laid. What’s the old-school equivalent? Buy our product -> get laid. I’m guessing this message still works as well as it ever did.