Music · 2006-06-25

Unleash your inner rock diva

Yesterday a magazine came in the mail whose cover had this teaser title. The article was about a rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp. Coincidentally, Mudcat had a gig last night. Don’t dream it, be it!

(Kaliya was a great sport about my pulling her up on stage for our karaoke caper at Catalyst — I can’t help singing, even in odd circumstances.)

This little rock ‘n’ roll hobby is feeling a lot more substantial these days. Last night was our fourth time playing the Montlake Ale House, and our now-regular audience members (wow, regulars! dare I call them “fans”?) have begun to ask where the CD is. No plans for that at the moment; nor do we have T-shirts, mugs, or holiday ornaments. But a modest website and email list are in the works.

We’re playing again on the 4th of July at a school fundraiser in Seattle. If you’re interested in coming to the gig, drop me a line for more info…